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At Oregon Patrol Service, we bridge the gap that exists between current law enforcement roles and the communities in which they serve. We do not replace local law enforcement. Instead, we complement these agencies by providing services in two key areas that often challenge agency resources:


  • Targeted deterrence patrols of residential & private commercial property.
  • Alarm response to homeowners & business owners.


Effectively providing security solutions in these areas is no small task. While it does not require sworn law enforcement officers, it does require specialized training, knowledge, and skills to successfully and safely deter the incidence of crime against those served. Oregon Patrol Service has that training, knowledge and skill. We recognize that operating in this realm requires officers whose skills far exceed the industry average. Our training does not stop at state-mandated minimums.   We pay for additional third-party training by experts qualified to teach these elevated skills. We supervise officers closely in the field to ensure exceptional delivery of service commitments. We require between 70 - 100 hours “ride along” time before releasing an officer to a solo patrol unit. Finally, we do it in a way that stresses cost containment, passing  value through to our clients. These are just a few of the reasons we are "A New Standard...A Better Choice".


Do I need a patrol service?


Crime statistics are clear….it is on the rise. It’s an inescapable fact. While many of us may never become the victim of violent crime, almost everyone has been or will be impacted to some extent by property crime. Auto theft, burglary, vandalism, drug-related theft, graffiti...these are all-too-common occurrences. Approximately one in four businesses will be affected. September 11, 2001 marked a dramatic shift in law enforcement services and scope. Even local law enforcement agencies (municipal police, county sheriff, etc.) are often pulled, by necessity, into the arena of anti-terrorism, counter-intelligence, and a level of criminal activity not previously seen. It is not surprising that local agencies face challenges in personnel deployment and utilization. This priority shift can often result in slow response times when dealing with property crimes or crimes that have not yet elevated to violence against a person (trespass, etc.). A qualified Patrol Service can respond rapidly to deter or curtail the crime, reducing or eliminating loss to you.