Patrol Services

OPS Armory Patrol Officers
Strategic Random Patrol - This is the cornerstone of our services. Strategic Random Patrol enables our clients to maximize a security presence without the heavy cost burden of full-time, on-site security services. We will work to customize an Individual Strategic Patrol Plan (ISPP) that fits your company’s needs….and budget. Patrol officers conduct property inspections by vehicle and on foot to ensure your premises is secure, doors are locked, and no unauthorized individuals are on site. Anomalies are recorded and sent to our clients using standardized report templates similar to those used in law enforcement agencies so there is no question as to what happened and how it was resolved. As a Strategic Random Patrol client, alarm response is included in the service package as well as independent proof-of-service.
Dedicated PatrolThis service provides dedicated (on-site) service during the specified time requested. While this is a more costly option, it can be exactly what is needed to stave off prospective threats or in response to unusually heavy criminal activity at your property. Many security providers will assign newer, less qualified officers with very little training to a site post position. Oregon Patrol Service provides exactly the same caliber officer in a dedicated patrol capacity as in a strategic random patrol capacity. Why? Because we only have one standard when it comes to the qualifications of personnel we’ll hire and patrol officers must be cross-trained, capable and effective in all areas of service. Most clients will smoothly transition from a period of Dedicated Patrol services to Strategic Random Patrol services after threats are successfully mitigated.