Residential Patrol Service

OPS Residential Patrol Service
From our inception, Oregon Patrol Service has maintained the belief that effective, affordable residential patrol service will help change and secure our communities. Residential Patrol Service meets the need for a community patrol service, difficult for police agencies to provide since the post-9/11 increased demand on resources. In addition, increased crime rates, personnel shortages, and budget reductions further challenge our neighborhoods’ safety & security. Effective for any individual client, residential service is even more effective when neighbors join together to secure their block, cul-de-sac,or street. Oregon Patrol Service will partner with Homeowner’s Associations, Neighborhood Watch groups, Neighborhood Associations, gated developments, multi-family developments as well as individual homeowners to provide focused patrol efforts ensuring your home remains safe. Value-added features include anomaly reporting, proof-of-service, and vacation checks to ensure your home is not targeted when you are absent for an extended period.