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Director's Message

On behalf of the entire team, welcome to Oregon Patrol Service. It is my hope and belief that you will see why we’re leading the way when it comes to providing the finest private security patrol services available to both the business and private sectors.


At Oregon Patrol Service, we have a passion for the security industry. While perceptions may vary about the need for and value of supplemental patrol services (largely due to poor-quality service), the fact remains: Private Security Services are an integral part of the Homeland Security effort and the need for them remains strong.


I believe our site is an overview, a first step to understanding both the services we offer as well as what differentiates us from other private security providers.  When you have finished exploring, I encourage you to take the next step and contact us. 


What you may not see as you browse pages is what I call “the heartbeat” of our company. It’s what makes us tick – our lifeblood. It has shaped who we are and defines why we do what we do. It’s our core. Every business is in business to make money. However, I believe an organization must have a greater calling…a mission that is more than just providing a superior service for profit. It’s a purpose beyond the obvious. It’s our Vision:


  1. Oregon Patrol Service will support the domestic homeland security effort by supporting law enforcement in the geographic areas we work. We’ll do that by reducing workload currently placed on the various agencies by providing high-quality security services that do not require sworn-officer response. We’ll partner with them when necessary, always understanding that we are a different, but no less necessary service to those we serve.

  2. Oregon Patrol Service will elevate the profession of Private Security Professional above current industry standards. We will accomplish this by providing the necessary additional training, above what is required, to ensure officer safety and maximum effectiveness. We will not compromise hiring practices. We will compensate (wage and total compensation) above prevailing industry standard to ensure our long-term success which we realize is ultimately dependent on the team we create and retain. We’ll provide ongoing incentives to show that we mean to keep great individuals truly interested in a career in the Private Security Industry.

  3. Oregon Patrol Service will increase public perception of the value of private security services by consistently delivering our service commitments and creatively seeking opportunities to exceed expectations. We will resist a top-heavy business model that prevents us from offering value-based security solutions to clients and prospective clients. We’ll focus on value – not just low cost. We will remain flexible and adaptable to changing industry needs while realistically evaluating what services we can provide with excellence.  


I invite you to join Oregon Patrol Service’s efforts in making our businesses, residences, and our communities safer, more secure and more enjoyable.




Laurie Sutherby, President

Director of Security Operations

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